Zucchini, pea & mint Soup

This delicious zucchini, pea and mint soup will be perfect to add greens to your diet

Zucchini, pea & mint Soup
Photo by Cecilia Chew / Unsplash

This delicious zucchini, pea and mint soup will be perfect to add greens to your diet! Warm in winter or cold in summer, it’s up to you!


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3  chopped zucchinis
  • 350 grams of fresh or frozen peas
  • 500ml of vegetable stock (check the ingredient list)
  • 15 leaves of fresh mint
  • Salt and pepper
  • Plain, Whole yoghurt (optional)


  • Stir-fry the zucchinis for a few minutes in olive oil
  • Place the peas, zucchinis, stock in a sauce pan over medium-high heat and bring to the boil
  • Add half of the mint
  • Cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Blend the soup until smooth
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Let it cool
  • Place in the fridge
  • To serve, ladle the soup into bowls and top it with a scoop of yoghurt (optional) and place one leaf of mint for decoration

Peas in a Pod
Photo by Rachael Gorjestani / Unsplash


Zucchini = dietary fibres, vitamin C and potassium, it contains vitamin B6 and magnesium and some proteins.
Peas = dietary fibres. They are loaded with vitamin C and contain some B-6, iron and magnesium.

To sum up, this zucchini, pea and mint soup is rich in Vitamin C and fibres and is certainly great to boost your immune system, lower bad cholesterol and have a good transit.

Photo by Eleanor Chen / Unsplash


  • Please don’t use stock cube as they are loaded with salt and additives, if you don’t have vegetable stock, just add 500ml of water, a couple of bay leaves, some thyme, and any herbs you like. Make sure to take the bay leaves off before you blend the soup.
  • If you don’t have fresh mint, dry mint could work or you could try coriander or chives, personally I think mint gives the perfect freshness you need in Summer.
  • If you want to make the soup even more refreshing lemon juice on top is a must.
  • For babies, stir through a scoop of cooked rice,  cereal, quinoa or couscous to add some nutrients and thicken the soup. You may also like to add some plain yoghurt. Young children could also have fun and dip some bread in the soup.