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Not only she is a very knowledgeable nutritionist but also a good coach
This is the first time I worked with a nutritionist and I can’t recommend enough Huguette. Not only she is a very knowledgeable nutritionist but also a good coach. Thanks to her coaching, great tips, and recipes, I lost twice the goal that we discussed. Thanks to her, I have now good and healthy habits and I feel confident that I will maintain my weight. Thank you, Huguette! E.B
An empathetic and holistic approach
"Whoever has been struggling with their weight all their life will appreciate Huguette's empathetic and holistic approach. In a gentle process, rather than imposing rules and constraints, Huguette helped me take back control of my food choices, make wise decisions and rebuild my confidence to go on alone". H.T
Creativity with a pinch of humour
Knowledge, common sense, creativity and a pinch of humour, this is Huguette’s recipe to convince us to eat healthy and tasty. In one hour, Huguette presented the basics of a healthy and balanced diet, she told us what to avoid and gave us some ideas so eating remains a pleasure. ‘Let food be our medicine’ by Hypocrates is definitely Huguette’s favorite motto. After meeting and listening to Huguette we feel like adopting it! Thank you, Huguette for this lively presentation to our members.
(Muriel, coordinator of New York Accueil)
My Friend The Sun
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Huguette Helped me develop a realistic and encouraging plan
I came to see Huguette on a friend's reference, coming into my thirties has been pretty tricky as I had always been a never watch what you eat girl and now I was seeing the results with a slowing metabolism! I was so frustrated at how to even begin to get on track. Huguette helped me develop a realistic and encouraging plan to figure out what foods were causing inflammation and what my portions should be adjusted to. Over the course of about 9 weeks, I've seen a huge difference in my energy and digestion and am overall down 2" in my waistline. Cannot recommend Huguette's program enough! S
Well prepared and tailored information
Huguette gave a nutrition talk for a group of teenage dance students at my studio. She was well prepared and tailored the information to suit active people who don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals. We were easily able to understand how nutrients and water directly contribute to our health and well being. I can happily say that I also picked up several new tips on ways that I can easily make some better nutrition choices throughout my busy day without making huge changes in my routine.
Natalia, director American Youth Dance Theatre
Huguette changed the way I look at food forever
Huguette is not only a nutritionist but a life coach. She gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goals and live a healthy life in the long term. In addition to her knowledge of nutrition, she was great at listening to me, which brought me motivation and strength. She took into consideration my desires, my lifestyle, and my tastes to customise a nutrition plan adapted to my needs. She changed the way I look at food forever. J.C
Shift Happens
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Huguette's support helped me boost my confidence, improve my health and feel my best
This has been the first time I’ve worked with a nutritionist. Having Huguette on my side has meant me regret waiting so many years to reach out to a professional for help! Huguette is a true gem who cares profoundly for her clients; and I would confidently recommend her to anyone. Achieving my nutrition goals with her guidance and support helped me boost my confidence, improve my health, and feel my best. Along the way, Huguette was mindful of my needs and lifestyle, never put undue pressure on me, and I never once felt like I was on a “diet.” Thank you, Huguette, for helping me unlock my best self! S.V
Huguette allowed me to love food again
Huguette is the best nutritionist that you can have! She is attentive and always available to answer my questions. She really permitted me to be able to love food again without hating myself for it! I was really glad about the result and I definitely recommend her! A.H
Thank you again for your help and support.
I would not have managed without you! After my pregnancy, I gained on 20kgs! I saw that it was going to be tough for me to lose all the weight gained without the help of a professional. Therefore, I decided to contact Huguette Lelong to help me reach my goal: "To lose the weight gained during my pregnancy and get back on track to healthy habits".Today, I can say that I finally feel myself again. With Huguette's nutritional approach, I re-learned to eat healthily and did lose some weight. Thank you, Huguette for your help and support. I would not have managed without you! A.M
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You have been so patient and supportive and understanding
I want to thank you so so much for working with me, it’s been such a good experience and despite any frustrations, I’ve felt along the way, you have been so patient and supportive and understanding. I have learned a ton and plan to continue implementing in the future. J.L
Grace a Huguette, j'ai réappris à aimer m'alimenter sainement, j'ai repris une activité sportive régulière et surtout j'ai réappris à aimer mon corps.
Ma rencontre avec Huguette a été unique et formidable. Huguette est entrée dans ma vie en me proposant ce rééquilibrage alimentaire qui en est devenu un rééquilibrage émotionnel et de vie au quotidien. Grâce à Huguette, j'ai réappris à aimer m'alimenter sainement, j'ai repris une activité sportive régulière, et surtout, j'ai réappris à aimer mon corps.  J'ai retrouvé mon énergie et ai perdu 7 kilos lors du programme de 8 semaines. Après le programme, j'ai pu maintenir mes bonnes habitudes alimentaires. Je recommande vivement Huguette pour cet accompagnement nutritionnel de haute qualité! J.Z
A life-changing experience!  The best I did for myself in years!
I am writing this testimonial 6 months after meeting with Huguette for the first time. Huguette personalised approach was exactly what I needed to reach my goals: Feel and look great! I chose the 8-week challenge program as I was fully committed to making changes.
With Huguette’s nutritional knowledge and support, I learned how to make healthier nutritious choice, and incorporate exercising within a busy working mom schedule. From the get-go, I felt safe and comfortable to be myself, Huguette’s approach is professional yet personal which were key to helping me reach my goals.
Since the challenge, I kept good habits and never felt better. My husband, friends, family, colleagues all saw me committed and loving it. I highly recommend everyone to meet Huguette and trust her to help you reach our goals. I will absolutely do it again knowing the impact it had on my life! Merci infiniment Huguette!! M.L
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Huguette a été un vrai pilier dans notre démarche
Mon mari et moi avions décidé d’entamer un rééquilibrage alimentaire afin de perdre quelques kilos avant notre mariage. Moi étant encore en train d’allaiter et lui ayant beaucoup de rendez-vous d’affaires le défi était assez élevé.
Huguette a été un vrai pilier dans notre démarche car elle a été plus qu’une diététicienne mais une vraie coach personnelle et motivante. Nous avons appris à manger correctement sans se sentir au régime à aucun moment, elle a su nous écouter et modifier nos vilaines habitudes sans se priver pour autant. Nous avons été fiers de voir nos progrès semaine après semaine lors de nos rdv avec elle.
En plus de sa gentillesse, c’est une femme qui est disponible et force de proposition pour vous aider.
On vous remercie Huguette. N & P
Through our weekly sessions and numerous texts of encouragements, you have tailored a healthy diet to my own needs and daily activities.
Feeling great, fit and uplifted by my renewed energy and shaped body, I thank you greatly Huguette for having coached me through my change of diet and new routine.Through our weekly sessions and numerous texts of encouragements, you have tailored a healthy diet to my own needs and daily activities and I have never felt better now that I have lost 6 kgs and return to a healthy routine. We worked together with such positivity and balance that I have already recommended you to my friends who are scared of frustrating diets but aren't happy with their 40s body and months of lockdown. Your coaching is not about dieting, it is about eating  healthily with satiety and taking care of one’s body with guidelines that will last for a lifetime and for the whole family. I have never achieved alone what I have now achieved with you. I am forever grateful for your work with me, and so is my partner!! C.H
The best thing was how Huguette helped me change my relationship with food
After a consultation I started an 8 week nutritional & health programme, the journey was enriching and the results were amazing, I lost nearly 4 kilos even though half of the programme was during Christmas and new year festivities, the best thing was how Huguette helped me change my relationship with food and introduced me to a tasty world of healthy eating, I have discovered that healthy eating can be full of flavours and fun... I am now maintaining my new life style and the weight keeps coming off, I can’t recommend Huguette enough, great experience, amazing results!! Y.G.B
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I have lost weight in 8 weeks without thinking about it
I embarked on the most inspiring journey with Huguette Lelong and my encounter with her has been my highlight of the year! I would say that I was not clueless about healthy eating prior to going to Huguette, having tried different schemes to attempt to lose weight. But nothing helped me sustain a busy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Huguette’s supportive coaching approach enabled me to open up about my real eating habits: scrutinising your weekly food diaries with someone is never something to look forward to, especially when they were “accidents”. But Huguette always encouraged me to keep going and fully understood my personal circumstances. She is not judgemental and establishing a strong bond between us was essential. I exchanged with Huguette on a daily basis to discuss food. It was so easy and convenient to send her pictures and getting instant feedback when I needed it, while at the grocer's or at work for instance. I also loved all the little tips that one can easily try out and that make a huge difference.  Huguette smoothly helped me implement a few changes at a time. In fact, I have lost weight in 8 weeks without thinking about it. Huguette is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise and her recipes are not only delicious but also nutritive and healthy. My children love her bircher muesli! She puts emphasis on quality and authenticity of food (and on checking the ingredients list!) and the weight loss follows naturally. N.T
I enjoyed (...) it wasn't about banning me (...) certain types of food (...) to guide me through a more balanced diet and lifestyle.
The sessions with Huguette made me a lot more conscious of the way I eat and helped me create new (but also realistic) habits.
I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't about banning me from having certain types of food but, rather, to guide me through a more balanced diet and lifestyle. S.L
My daughter is vegan.
Your nineteen years old daughter comes home saying that she’s gone vegan. Imagine how you feel? Would she get enough nutrients? Does she really know what she needs to eat to implement a vegan diet?
So I decided to consult Huguette, a holistic nutritionist, she was very reassuring. She started with a conversation about food with my daughter who, it turns out, was more thoughtful than expected about nutrition. Who would have guessed? Then Huguette went over the basics of nutrition and flagged the nutrients that my daughter could potentially miss by avoiding animal products. She then explained how it is possible to have a balanced vegan diet and even suggested some very appealing recipes for my daughter to try out at home. All in a single one-hour consultation, it was a great experience for both of us! I will definitely recommend Huguette to anyone in need of good advice, common sense and guidance about nutrition. I.R