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I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Huguette. In a very professional and friendly way we went through my diet and activities, with no judgement from her side. I felt very at ease from the beginning. Very quickly she suggested easy ways to improve my food habits and my sports routine. She set me accessible goals in terms of diet and lifestyle, explaining in detail how they would work out. I really liked her focus on the important points, being realistic and not trying to change all my habits at once. She is really warm and very balanced in her analysis and has an accurate sense of her clients.
Alice  (41 yo)​​
I reached out to huguette to help me sort out my diet and to help me shed a few pounds. I was feeling discouraged and lacked energy. She took the time to listen and ask questions thoroughly. She analyzed my eating habits and pinpointed what wasn't working for me. Her advice was kind and firm. I started integrating her suggestions and making changes. 
12 weeks later I had lost 14 lbs, I felt energized and was able to keep t​hose​​ changes. I still have a way to go but for the first time I feel that it is sustainable and more a lifestyle than a diet.
I have enjoyed working with Huguette and loved her coaching approach to nutrition. 
​I am so pleased with Huguette’s services! 
I came into contact with her because I wanted to understand where my steady weight gain came from during the past couple of years. 
With the 8 week program,
I was able to understand and improve my eating habits and physical activity. 
Her ability to listen, her precious advice, the recipes and the daily follow up enabled me to see clearly and achieve my objectives, and most importantly
to keep my good new habits long term
Thank you very much Huguette for all your advice!

Chère Huguette,
Je suis arrivée chez vous un lundi en vous expliquant tout ce que je n aimais pas en moi et que je souhaitais changer.
Retrouver un corps dans lequel je sois bien et heureuse de vivre.
Vous ne m'avez pas jugée , vous m'avez écoutée et l'on a trouvé 
une formule adaptée à mes restrictions alimentaires.
Chaque semaine je vous envoyais mes repas de la semaine. Vous les validiez en trouvant une jolie formule, ajoutez de la salade, aujourd hui journée off.
Vous m'avez soutenue et encouragée .
On se parlait chaque semaine pour faire le point.
Aujourd hui 8 semaines après je suis heureuse et bien dans mes baskets.

Many thanks, Huguette Lelong, I enjoyed all of it: the program, the recipes, our weekly mail exchange with your helpful debrief and new challenges, all your practical and efficient advice..
You made me change my mindset and lots of bad habits, that I will keep
on a long term.
I highly recommend your 8 week program.
Very Best,

Tania (45 yo)
​I have consulted with Huguette because I always felt bloated and exhausted and needed help identifying the root cause of these symptoms. 
Not only did Huguette figure out the culprits, she also coached me to improve my eating habits (less sugar, more fibers) in a sustainable way. Today, I don't feel like I am forcing myself to eat a more healthy diet. Rather, it has just become part of my new habits. 
I would have never managed to change my lifestyle without Huguette supporting me along the way and gently shifting my alimentary habits into better ones.
I highly recommend her. 
Being a cancer survivor, I have a keen awareness of the importance of good nutrition to stay healthy. I was very fortunate to come across Huguette who has been my nutrition angel! She is not only very knowledgeable, professional and dependable but she is also very motivating and empathetic to your needs and nutrition goals. She has put me back on the health track and I will be forever appreciative for all the feedback/guidance she has shared with me. I would highly recommend her and consider her the best gift you can give yourself… the gift of health!”

Dominique (52 yo)
It was truly a pleasure to work with Huguette. I hired her to do a pantry clean out and restock, and to provide me with easy changes to improve my family's eating habits. She accomplished it all with ease and kindness, and no judgement !!! We have implemented many changes including a quick and nutritious breakfast for the whole family to enjoy, simple snacks for my picky toddler and husband, elimination of key unhealthy products from our pantry, an 'educational' trip to Matter of Health to understand how to shop in a healthier way and much more. I appreciate all the changes we have made in our household and I have noticed a difference in better managing  our family's digestion issues. I would highly recommend Huguette to friends and family. 

Huguette, who came recommended by a friend, was able to make my son feel at ease from the very first consultation. They talked about junk food and real food, then together they established a programme adapted to his age and his tastes that he was really eager to follow. After a few sessions he understood how important real food was and the impact it could have on his health. Huguette has been a great support to the family. Besides, skype allowed us to have a long distance consultation with Huguette in the comfort of our house. 
 Laurence, on behalf of her son (12yo)

For more than 5 years I had severe insomnia and consequently extremely low levels of energy in the morning. Huguette made me aware of the key role of nutrition in my overall wellbeing and its impact on my sleep.  After a thorough review of my intake habits  (absolutely no judgment), she suggested some supplements and a few simple changes in my eating habits. After 2 weeks, I started to feel significant changes: periods of insomnia became shorter and shorter and my morning energy level much higher….YES!
Sophie (47 yo)

My digestive issues had worsened these last few years so I started to pay attention to the likely causes and potential solutions. I have irritable bowel syndrome, fructose malabsorption and hypothyroidism so my diet was not easy to manage. I could not find anything that worked for me until I met Huguette. Thanks to her advice I can finally make the right choices in my diet. Sometimes I indulge myself with food I am not supposed to have without  experiencing any pain; I just need to be sensible. I've learnt to experiment with new foods, it may work or not but I am happy to try and Huguette shares with you her passion for nutrition. Thank you Huguette for all your advice!

Patricia (47 yo)

I really advise you to consult with Huguette. During our first consultation I could see that she quickly understood my needs and the way my body worked. She gave me advice that was easy to fit into my daily routine. As a result I lost some weight after 3 weeks but most of all she helped me address my digestive issues which no doctor had been able to solve.
 Keidy  (35 yo)

   ​It’s the second time that I’ve asked Huguette to help me lose weight and once again, the results were fantastic. This time I really enjoyed vegetables, I cannot get enough, they actually constitute 80% of my daily diet. I have for habit now to eat some vegetable sticks before each meal including: cucumber, celery, radish or any crunchy vegetables. I’m so used to eating vegetables that even during my vacation I ate a lot of them!  Results: I lost 4 kilos in two months, dropped two sizes, and lost 3 inches around my waist! And I could still enjoy my glass of wine during the weekend! How great is that? Huguette’s advice helped me a lot to get to that result. Without any doubt I’ll contact her again!   ​​

Keidy  (37 yo)

I consulted with Huguette because of the very strong migraines I had had for 30 odd years. I’m also allergic to a lot of foods. During our first consultation I could feel that she was really listening, professional and eager to help. She pointed out some basic facts and asked me to go see a GP in order to run some tests. I discovered that I was celiac; no one had mentioned the possibility before. By removing gluten from my diet I have fewer migraines, my liver feels much better and my digestion has improved greatly. So I would really like to thank Huguette, especially because this journey helped me realize that my daughter too was celiac and Huguette helped us both to rethink our diet. I will never thank her enough because my life really changed!
Noelle (47 yo)

 ​I am really attached to real food but it’s not always easy to balance our dishes at home. Huguette helped me to be aware of our daily menus with ideas the whole family enjoys.
Besides, by changing the diet of my 'dreamy' daughter, her concentration levels are much better now. Many many thanks Huguette!
Julie  (39 yo)

If you are searching for a healthier body and lifestyle I strongly encourage you to consider working with Huguette. Although I've been working out for many years and watching what I eat, Huguette provided me with great guidance and advice. Her experience, her listening skills and tailored programs helped me to attain my goals and improve my health. Now I'm much more aware of how to adjust my busy daily routine to improve my overall health and well being one step at a time. Thank you Huguette!
Gabriela  (42 yo)

'Huguette is an incredibly nurturing practitioner whose gentle approach has given me a lot of confidence to overcome my health issues in a practical and sustainable way. I am grateful for her efforts in understanding my personal situation and providing well thought out, realistic solutions. As an avid adventurer, I occasionally fall out of my routine and become imbalanced. However, the tools and professional guidance Hughette provides has enabled me to successfully spring back into the vibrant lifestyle that keeps me fulfilled and able to do all the things that I love!'


My daughter is vegan!

Your nineteen years old daughter comes home saying that she’s gone vegan. Imagine how you feel? Would she get enough nutrients? Does she really know what she needs to eat to implement a vegan diet?
So I decided to consult Huguette, a holistic nutritionist, she was very reassuring. She started with a conversation about food with my daughter who, it turns out, was more thoughtful than expected about nutrition. Who would have guessed? Then
Huguette went over the basics of nutrition and flagged the nutrients that my daughter could potentially miss by avoiding animal products. She then explained how it is possible to have a balanced vegan diet and even suggested some very appealing recipes for my daughter to try out at home.
All in a single one-hour consultation, it was a great experience for both of us! I will definitely recommend Huguette to anyone in need of good advice, common sense and guidance about nutrition.

Healthy Workshop 
We met with Huguette last week for a session on healthy diet.
It was very interesting, great fun and extremely useful to all of us.
Huguette is very knowledgeable, provides practical advice and more importantly makes you feel very comfortable and willing to implement her suggestions/recommendations to live a healthier life through a balanced diet.
She shared with us how and where to purchase, how to read and understand food labels, the truth and falls of organic food, how to prepare and mix food and how to provide healthy and energetic food to our children.
When you will meet Huguette you will not only discover a great professional but even a better person. Someone authentic, nice, friendly and very very supportive. Thank you Huguette!
Mar V.

J'ai beaucoup aimé l'atelier Nutrition avec Huguette. Bon format, bonne ambiance (groupe de 6 + HL). Informatif et réaliste, avec des "trucs" faciles à mettre en place et de bons tuyaux pour décoder les étiquettes au super marché. Hâte du follow up!

Presentation for New York Accueil
Knowledge, common sense, creativity and a pinch of humour, this is Huguette’s recipe to convince us to eat healthy and tasty. In one hour, Huguette presented the basics of a healthy and balanced diet, she told us what to avoid and gave us some ideas so eating remains a pleasure. ‘Let food be our medicine’ by Hyppocrates is definitely Huguette’s favorite motto. After meeting and listening to Huguette we feel like adopting it! Thank you Huguette for this lively presentation to our members. 
Muriel  B.
Coordinator of New York Accueil  'Health meetings'.