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A few words about myself

I grew up in France where fresh food markets are everywhere. From a very young age, French people eat vegetables, fruits and a wide range of other foods; it is part of our culture to sit at a table and share our meals with family  and friends French people can spend hours around a nice dish and interesting conversations.
I've travelled a lot and I've always been curious about local tastes, ingredients and dishes but my focus has always been around health and
whole food. Real food helps your body develop a better immune system - that's what I want to share with you .
Before moving to New York I studied in Sydney, Australia where I earned an
Advanced Diploma in Nutrition.  I provide personalized solutions including practical nutritional advice, lifestyle changes and tasty recipes because I consider each of my clients to be unique. I am not an advocate of fads and fast diets but I love to engage in a long term relationship with my clients. I believe that changes are good only if you can stick with them.  
Real food & real lifestyle changes will keep you healthier and happier over the long term.
It is easy to lose weight if you eat less, but for how long can you keep that up? I will help you achieve 
realistic lifestyle changes in your daily routine. But don't worry: you'll still be able to have this piece of chocolate or that muffin you like so much.  I love my chocolate too! I will not ask you to take food off your diet unless strictly necessary on health grounds, for instance in the case of allergies or digestive issues.
Because everyone needs a bit of support to achieve her/his goals,  I like to see myself as a motivator.
Whether you only want to know where you stand during a single personalized consultation or want to commit to my 4 or 8-session program, I can assure you that our encounter will help you reconnect with real food. You can also try my pantry clean out service, and together we can look for
healthier and tastier alternatives.

Huguette Lelong Healthy Life is here to help you understand the importance of sharing a good and nutritious diet with the people you love, and to help you make these lifestyles changes you've always wanted to make.
Call me and let's start this adventure together!

Medical Disclaimer: All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your healthcare professional or physician. Huguette is NOT a registered nutritionist in the state of New York, she is NOT a doctor nor a physician, she does NOT diagnose or treat disease.  She recommends you inform your medical doctor, if necessary, that you are seeing a nutritional consultant.
Disclosure Statement : The purpose of Huguette Lelong Healthy Life is to help the whole person reestablish balance through removing obstacles to health and encouraging the body's natural healing processes.  Suggestions for food and for lifestyle changes are discussed to adress the needs of the body and mind. Huguette LeLong  Healthy Life
Cancellation Policy: All consultations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to the time of the appointment.